Change Is Possible!

A lot of people will make a resolution, set a date, and commit to the hard work of improving their lives. The desire to change is there. It’s real, and it’s strong. But change takes more than commitment and willpower.
Lasting change requires a plan, plus the ability to be flexible when reality is different from your plan. You need steps that are realistic and attainable and a plan that moves you forward a little bit at a time. You need accountability and encouragement.
When you’re working on change by yourself it’s easy to let obstacles and setbacks overwhelm you. It’s common to set unrealistic goals for yourself and then see normal struggles as total failure. Then you’re likely to give up and go back to things the way they were—the “status quo,” which is Latin for “stuck in a rut.”
Sometimes it’s hard to stick with a goal when you can’t see your progress.
Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused and persist when you’re learning a new skill or giving up a bad habit.
Sometimes you plan to do it, you want to do it, and you start out to do it, but you just never seem to get there.

I Have A Solution.

Getting encouragement from another person is helpful. We all realize that. But having the committed support of someone who sees your potential and carries a long-term vision of your purpose and place in the world can be transformative. That sort of person is a Mentor.
I believe Mentorship helps you discover and cultivate your gifts—your innate abilities and way of experiencing the world—to live with resilience and abundance. I believe it connects you to a life of purpose by helping you find what you were born to do, based on the gifts and passions you have. I believe you’re most likely to be successful when you find what you were born to do and start doing it.
I’m a big Advocate for Personal Mentorship. Everything I recommend or design promotes, flows from, or points toward Personal Mentorship. This includes printed workbooks, e-books, and audio recordings. If you are reading information or listening to a recorded presentation, Mentorship is the point. The person teaching is your Mentor, and usually helps you identify someone in your life who can serve as a Personal Mentor.
I understand that at different points in our lives we all have different amounts of time, energy, and money to commit to personal development. That’s why I offer services and look for and develop products at different levels—to meet your needs in a way that is comfortable and affordable to you.
I have free resources available, including the archives of my Blog-based E-Zine, Chasing Wisdom, the archives of my original Chasing Wisdom blog, and the archives of the Twisting Road blog.

I am constantly looking for other free newsletters and e-zines to recommend. I also look for excellent affordable telecourses, e-books, workbooks, audio CDs, and DVDs that relate to personal development through Mentorship. I’m developing my own products and telecourses on topics where the need is great but not much is available.
For people ready to make a serious commitment to personal development, I offer Coaching. Life and Work Design Coaching for self-employment or leadership is an intense, specialized form of Mentorship. It is a creative, dynamic, and collaborative relationship that focuses on your goals and achievement in the near term, and supports your vision and personal growth long term. It helps you develop resilience and experience more abundance. It helps you create a life of purpose and connection.
If you’re ready to start taking control of your life but aren’t sure where to begin, click on the link below. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions about Professional Coaching, including how to decide if you’re ready or if you should start with another level of service or product.
Coaching might be right for you. There’s an easy and affordable way to find out (hint: it’s FREE!). And there are plenty of free and low-cost resources available to get you moving forward. Click below to help you choose your next step.
“Where Should I Start?”