Hallelujah Chorus

December 5, 2010

I haven’t experienced it, but I have heard that people gather in public in some places around Christmas to sing portions of Handel’s Messiah. That means it’s expected, with some showing up to participate and others to listen and enjoy. What happens when the singers slip in announced at a food court in a mall and start to sing?

I’m sure the people watching and listening in this video were entertained. Most probably understood how much preparation and practice it took to make this incorrectly named “flash mob” happen, and how much hard work was involved.

But what would you have thought?

Wow! That was amazing. I wish I could do something that well, but I just don’t have the talent.

~ or ~

Wow! That was amazing. I want to be part of something like that.

My hope is that you’re inspired to develop your own talents, collaborate with other talented people, and put it all together for your tribe to appreciate.

**Many thanks to my podcast co-host Francie Cooper for posting this on Twitter.


2 Responses to “Hallelujah Chorus”

  1. Darcy on December 14th, 2010 7:50 am

    Oh, wow, thanks for posting that. Flash mob videos always make me cry at the beauty of it all. Even being in a flash mob wasn’t as moving to me as watching them. Someday I hope I catch one live!

  2. Steve Coxsey on December 14th, 2010 10:50 am

    I saw a news story a few days after I saw that video that “exposed” the fact that the scene was not spontaneous, but actually planned. Of course it wasn’t spontaneous. They were well trained and well rehearsed singers, not strangers who had never met. But their decision to perform in that way made the experience spontaneous for the audience. It’s pretty cool that we can plan to give a spontaneous surprise experience to people!

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