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December 6, 2010

Earlier this week I saw a blog post by “indie-rock-star” blogger Ken Robert about deciding not to start a second blog for a new idea, but instead incorporating it into Mildly Creative. I follow Ken’s blog closely so I was surprised he referenced a prior post asking for feedback from his tribe on this question. I hadn’t seen the previous post so I read it and immediately thought…

No, Ken! You don’t need a second blog! MildlyCreative is not limited by its title. Its scope is you.

Ken’s been through this before. I can think of four blogs he has started in the past as he’s played around with ideas, but eventually most of the ideas made their way to Mildly Creative. So of course I know what I’m talking about when I comment on Ken’s blogging.

(dramatic pause preparing to face the hypocrisy…)

I did it, too – that “creating a new blog for a new topic” thing, for a long time. I had a blog on real-life applications of basic marketing concepts for newly self-employed people which will be incorporated in my Demystifying Marketing and Anything But Marketing! training products soon. I had a blog on the specific skills and concepts used in coaching – which should become an information product but isn’t on my specific schedule yet. I had a separate blog for my Travel Log posts before I consolidated them into Twisting Road. Plus…

Enough true confessions!

You get the point. Been there done that, again and again.

So as I was preaching to Ken – actually just to the computer screen as I thought about writing my response to him – I realized I was about to do it again myself! This week I was updating my web site and realized I haven’t done much with my Steve’s Not Nice blog in quite a while.

I originally created Steve’s Not Nice on Blogger as “My Evil Twin Blog” when I felt like my first blog was too full of optimism and positive regard and hope and stuff like that. (I almost wrote crap like that!) I started having a visceral reaction, kind of like mild nausea and food allergies at the same time, so I needed to give voice to the part of me that isn’t upbeat and cheerful (that’s actually a very big part).

But I haven’t been using it.

I looked at how long it had been since I posted there and scolded myself, thinking I should develop a plan to use it for things that interest me that don’t closely fit into the theme of my business – worklife design around your inner genius, your core Self.

But just a day or so later, when I was preaching to Ken-by-proxy I realized it was time to move Steve’s Not Nice to Twisting Road. Yes, my business is about worklife design, but the process is self-exploration, self-discovery, trying things out in the playlab, and finding what fits and what doesn’t. It’s a whole-person approach. It’s a holistic approach.

I’m pulling myself together.

The scope of Mildly Creative is Ken’s journey, not the title of the blog. The scope of Twisting Road is my journey, not just one of the categories of my business’s products and services.

Steve’s Not Nice will be migrating here.


2 Responses to “My Evil Twin Blog”

  1. Darcy on December 14th, 2010 7:41 am

    Hooray!!! I always loved that blog and have missed it 🙂

  2. Steve Coxsey on December 14th, 2010 10:51 am

    I intend never to go as crude as the comments I see on YouTube videos. Yikes!

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