Where Should I Start?

These Frequently Asked Questions can help you choose your next step.

What Is Professional Coaching?

Professional Coaching is an intense, specialized form of Mentorship focused on your personal development and accomplishment. It is a genuine, dynamic, and creative relationship that helps you discover and cultivate your gifts to live with purpose, connection, resilience, and abundance. It focuses on your goals and achievement in the near term, and supports your vision and personal growth long term. Coaching is a series of conversations where you and your Coach look carefully at your goals, plan steps to meet them, keep track of the progress you’re making, and figure out how to overcome obstacles. Top

How Does Coaching Compare to Other Services and Products Offered?

Without a doubt, Professional Coaching is the most focused and intense way of helping bring about change that I offer. It is scheduled, it is one-on-one, and it is highly personal. When you invest your time and money in Coaching, you are also investing your motivation and effort, so change usually happens more quickly. However, there are points in people’s lives when they want to change but Coaching doesn’t seem affordable. There are times when you’re motivated to change and don’t need the focus and accountability of a Coach; you just need some ideas to try. That’s why I am constantly looking for and designing products and services for people who don’t need the intensity of Coaching or can’t afford it at this time. Top

What Is It Like to Be Coached?

Most Coaching takes place over the phone. The Client typically calls the Coach at a scheduled time. You e-mail an update in advance that tells the steps you took toward your goals since the last call and what focus area you have for the Coaching session. You and your Coach review your progress, celebrate your victories, and discuss any unmet goals to help you decide if you should change goals or change your approach. Your Coach listens carefully and helps you put big fuzzy ideas into clear words and images. Your Coach helps you see your old patterns and figure out steps that will help you change those patterns and move towards your goals. You set your goals to accomplish by the next session and tell your Coach how you want him or her to hold you accountable to meet those goals. Top

How Long Does It Take?

Coaching can take different amounts of time depending on the goals you set and how difficult it will be to reach them. Coaches usually ask their Clients to commit to three months of Coaching at first to give the process a full trial as it goes through some natural rhythms. Your Coach will usually ask you if you want to continue Coaching every month to three months and will ask you to commit for a set amount of time. However, you can end the Coaching relationship at any point. Top

What Will It Cost?

Coaching is usually paid on a monthly basis. Coaches may offer different levels of service, meaning a different number of sessions per month or different session lengths. Coaching is usually offered weekly, four sessions per month, for thirty or forty-five minutes per session. Professional Coaching typically costs between $250 and $500 per month. Executive Coaching typically costs more. Coaches occasionally have discounted rates for some groups of Clients, and their rates may be lower when they are new to the field of Coaching. The fees are discussed during the initial consultation, which most Coaches offer for free. Top

Is Coaching Painful And Does It Dig Up The Past, Like Counseling or Therapy?

Coaching is distinct from therapy in some very important ways. Therapy starts with a focus on a disorder, sometimes caused by trauma or abuse. The goal is to bring about healing and recovery. Coaching starts with a focus on the whole person, who is not in need of healing but wants to make significant improvements in his or her life. The focus is on choices and actions you take in the present as steps towards your goals. The future is planned and created. The past only matters to the degree that it reveals old patterns that become obstacles to your current goals. Top

How Do I Decide If It’s Time For This Intense Level of Service, Or If I Should Try Something Else First?

Odds are, if you’re considering committing your time, money, and effort to Coaching, you’ve been thinking about making some changes for a long time. In fact, you’ve probably read some articles or books or listened to some speakers talking about personal improvement. You’ve heard some good ideas and taken some steps, but the information only takes you so far. Then you hit the part where it’s a long uphill climb and willpower isn’t enough to keep you going. If you know it’s time for change, you have one or more specific goals in mind, and you’ve already tried to go it alone, it’s probably time to get the help of a Professional Coach. If you’re just starting to think about making changes to improve your life and you’re getting excited, you can start by checking out the free resources. They’ll help you decide if you want to purchase an e-book or audio series. Top

I’m Ready to See What Coaching Is Like So I Can Decide If It’s For Me. What Do I Do Next?

When you’re considering Professional Coaching you get a free test drive. You get to schedule a free session to experience Coaching and decide if you will work well with the Coach. I offer free thirty-minute initial sessions. During that time I will Coach you on a specific area of your life where you want to make improvements. You choose the focus of that conversation. I listen and utilize my Coaching skills to help you get clear about your goals and find some steps to take towards them. After the session, you have no obligation. You can take what you’ve learned and move on, or you can choose to begin monthly Coaching. If you’re not quite sure about having a free initial session, you can contact me and we can talk on the phone or correspond by e-mail so I can answer your questions. If you want me to contact you with more information about Coaching, or if you want to set up an initial free session, e-mail or call: Steve@SteveCoxsey.com or (817) 416-8971. Top

What If I Try Coaching And It Doesn’t Seem To Help?

I can’t guarantee that Coaching will give you the results you desire. No Coach should guarantee results because there are too many factors that affect your outcome with Coaching. However, I can guarantee you that I will use all my Coaching skills, including active listening, creative brainstorming, clarifying and getting to the bottom line, decision making, breaking goals into manageable steps, and the playful fun of celebration. If you decide at any point that Coaching isn’t working for you, you can stop and I will refund you your fees for that month. If I see that Coaching isn’t working for you I’ll let you know and make recommendations for what you can do, such as getting Coaching in another format like face-to-face or in a virtual group, changing to a different Coach, or getting support outside of Coaching. Top

I’m Ready To Make Changes But I’m Not Ready For Coaching. What Now?

First, Congratulations! You’ve decided to improve your life. It’s exciting even though it can be scary. That decision alone sets you on the path to having an exceptional life. I encourage you to subscribe to the Twisting Road blog through the RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, and follow the Twisting Road Travelers’ page on Facebook. I will use these media formats to share articles and blog posts I find and to let you know about telecourses I’m offering and that my colleagues are offering. Many of these will be free or low cost. I will also review books, e-books, audio presentations, and other products to help you decide if one is right for you. As you hear new ideas and learn about other people dedicated to helping you improve your life, you will find voices that resonate with you. Signing up to follow my blog is a great place to start you on your journey.