When Should You Start?

May 2, 2017

Is it perfect? Almost certainly not, since that’s nearly impossible.

Is it ideal? Not likely, since there’s so much unknown and still unknowable.

But you come up with the best plan you can, combining experience and knowledge and wisdom in your imagination to speculate about what will work, and then you test it. As you test it, “life” gives you feedback on how it compares to ideal, and to perfect.

So you redesign and test again, learning and improving along the way.

You have to test the not-ideal in order to discover what is ideal. There’s no other way I know to get there. Look forward to finding out what doesn’t work and what you don’t like.

“What if there’s something wrong with my plan?”

There surely is! Celebrate that, look forward to finding it, embrace it, and lean into it. That is the path towards finding what you ultimately want.


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