Warm Regards,

February 13, 2009

It really shouldn’t be such a dilemma. People seem to create an e-mail signature line with a closing that suits them and that’s it. Some are creative, some are routine, some are friendly and warm, and others are austere. But most people seem to choose and be done. I had chosen, and everything was fine, until a story my son told me kept popping into my head.

This past Christmas, my younger son wrote a poem at school. It was a silly sort of thing designed as a letter from Santa. At the end of his letter poem, he closed it, “Warm Regards, Santa.” The closing was one of the funny parts of the poem, based on what Santa was writing to the fictitious child.

Then when his class had a “Secret Santa” gift exchange, my son wrote a note to the classmate who would receive his gift. He used the same closing, “Warm Regards, Santa.”

I asked him where he got the idea to use that closing. He told me he remembers Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean sending someone his regards. But mainly he remembers an episode of Spongebob where Squidward got a letter from Santa with that closing: “Warm Regards, Santa.”

Now when I am writing an e-mail, if I pay attention to the automatic signature line I laugh. I’ve even started changing the closing from time to time because it seems so silly.

That got me to thinking about ways to close letters and e-mail, and if it really matters. Here are some of the closings I’ve noticed other people use regularly:

Fond Regards
Kind Regards
Besos (Spanish for kisses)
In Appreciation
With Gratitude
Under His Wings (a religious reference)
Love and Light
To Your Success

It’s really not as important as I’m making it, I guess. Or is it? It is a statement of one’s personality and how we see other people. So in that way it matters. But the details may not matter so much. Are fond regards or kind regards or warm regards that different? And are they inherently more meaningful than unmodified regards?

It stirs up that older, deeper debate for me, “What should I call myself?” I coach but I’m not a coach; I’m more than that. I consult with people but I’m not exactly a consultant. I want to work with people on work-life balance and creating a life around authenticity, where work flows from or at least complements one’s innate gifts, talents, passions, and viewpoint. Am I an authentic, natural work and lifestyle coach and consultant?

My wife says any title is too long if it’s more than three words. She’s a physician, so she has the option of being brief.

I’ll be playing around with titles and closings again, but I think I need to hold back from getting too hung up on this. It matters how I explain what I do. It doesn’t have to be perfectly obvious in a three-word title.

I’ll try to keep focused on the fun, creative side of choosing words and away from the intense, picky side of choosing words.

Cheers to Your Success and Fond, Kind, Warm Regards!

May You Know the Joy of Sharing Your Gifts,

Steve Coxsey
Authentic Living and Natural Work Advocate, Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Coach, and Small Business Design Expert


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