A collaborative relationship for sharing knowledge and customizing application

Thriving Edge offers training related to defining and developing the core self for success and well being. Training is offered in person or virtually by teleseminar.

Topics include:

  • The Core Driven Leader
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Building Strong Teams
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence in Families
  • Building Strong Families
  • Managing Difficult Thoughts and Feelings Through Mindfulness
  • Personal Strategic Planning: from Vision to Goals to Action
  • Developing Personal Power
  • Family Leadership
  • Custom Career Design

Thriving Edge also publishes training programs, ebooks, eworkbooks, and audio recordings.

Anything But Marketing!
A Roadmap for Reluctant Marketers Navigating the Marketing Boomtown

DIY Marketing Tips: Easy Examples in Everyday Language

Creating Your Future: Vision, Goals, and Next Steps –
recording of a 3-part teleseminar.

The Distinctions Between Coaching, Training, and Consulting

A Coach brings training on guiding meaningful conversations and experience with inner processes to help a client gain clarity with goal direction, motivation, and successful action plans.

A Trainer shares ideas in a way that makes it easy to learn information, applications, and processes.

A Consultant brings experience, expertise, and specific training to the table to offer information and evaluation and suggest solutions and strategies.