Trailblazing Media July 7, 2011

July 7, 2011

Enjoy this week’s episodes of Trailblazing Media!

Trailblazing TV was simulcast with the first segment of Trailblazing Radio. Both shows are titled “Embrace Freedom.”

Here’s the introduction to the TV show:

“Simulcasting is hard work! This video performance is a little more raw than usual because it was recorded along with the first segment of Trailblazing Radio. The topic for both shows: What does it mean to celebrate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Beyond financial freedom, and beyond the freedom to quit a miserable job? Watch the episode and then go to for the second segment. And enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at the production of the radio show!”

It was surprisingly challenging to be recording the radio show and TV show at the same time. I use notes for the radio show to keep me on track, but I usually record the TV show with no script. Using the notes interrupted my comfort with the camera, and having the camera interrupted my connection with the microphone. That means it was a great new experience and a chance to learn!

Watch the TV episode here.

The first segment of Trailblazing Radio is the TV show, where I discuss how my beliefs about freedom guide my work and the way I serve people. In the second segment, not available on the TV show, I talk about how my beliefs around freedom guide my personal life and even my political views.

Politics? Yep. Questioning people’s political cheerleading has cost me Facebook friends, but I think political views are worth questioning and discussing.

Click here to listen and then leave a comment about what freedom means to you.

Since the featured resource for the radio show is the e-book Worklife Liberation, it’s a great time to remind you about the month of shows on Tapa Palapa on that same theme. Take the time to listen to all four of them in order, and enjoy the mix of light-hearted fun and serious discussion that co-host Francie Cooper and I include in each episode.

Click here for all the episodes on this topic.

I appreciate your comments. They let me know when my ideas are helpful and give me direction on ways to serve you better.

May you know the joy of sharing your strengths,

Steve Coxsey
The Trailblazing Coach (TM)


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