Trailblazing Media June 30, 2011

June 30, 2011

The Traveler isn’t published this week so I’m posting my Trailblazing Media updates here.

The latest episode of Trailblazing TV is available. It’s called “Experience is Earned.” Here’s the introduction:

“We don’t do something flawlessly from the beginning, again and again, and call that experience. Experience means facing challenges and tough times. It means struggling and experimenting and overcoming. When we do that things get messy. Crap piles up. So what should we do with all of it?”

I discovered after I recorded that I accidentally turned on HD recording in widescreen format. That means this episode has a 16:9 ratio and is a little less clear. I had to shrink the HD video to keep it within the size limits, but then Vimeo expanded it to fill the screen so the resolution isn’t as good as I would like. But that means – while recording a tip about the messiness of gaining experience, I was mucking along gaining experience – – accidentally!

To see the episode click here.

The latest episode of Trailblazing Radio takes a controversial stand on the Law of Attraction and what it seems to be missing – especially according to strong research on what it takes for people to accomplish their goals and get what they want.

Episodes of Trailblazing Radio are around 10 minutes long so you can listen easily on your computer or download a show to your iPod or other MP3 player and listen on your way somewhere. Leave a comment with your thoughts on the Law of Intention compared to the Law of Attraction.

Listen to this week’s episode by clicking here.

If you didn’t get a chance to hear each weekly episode of Tapa Palapa as it was produced the summer is a great time to catch up. Tapa Palapa is a little more light-hearted than Trailblazing Radio because of my effervescent co-host Francie Cooper. You’ll laugh as you listen and come away with some really useful ideas. Check out our monthly theme on the greater good, called “Life is Bigger Than You.”

Click here for all the episodes on this topic.

I appreciate your comments. They let me know when my ideas are helpful and give me direction on ways to serve you better.

My you know the joy of sharing your strengths,

Steve Coxsey
The Trailblazing Coach (TM)


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