This CEO’s A Taskmaster!

March 7, 2008

Who wrote this in my blog last week???

Here’s the strange part. I’m not really doing more work, and I’m not doing things in much more of a focused way. I’m just more aware of the usefulness of what I’m doing at the time. That makes my effort seem more practical and more worthwhile.

I’m gonna’ have to edit myself! That’s hardly believable – and certainly not true!

This was my second week beta-testing the daily meeting system. One thing’s for sure. I’m definitely getting more things done.

In all fairness to me (I need to extend myself some grace sometimes) it’s true that I’m doing the same kinds of things and spending about the same amount of time doing them. But instead of brainstorming while driving then jotting down ideas and tossing the sheet into a folder with a dozen other sheets, I get productive. I pull out all the old brainstorm sheets for the category, summarize them into important concepts, and then have dedicated – planned in my schedule – time to come up with more ideas or extend and develop the ones I have.

Instead of planning to write a blog post or article when I have finished a group of tasks and think I’ll have an unplanned block of time, I actually plan the block of time for writing.

But it’s so efficient I did start planning in another thing here and a couple of things there. At the end of the day, when I have my review meeting, I’m mentally tired and ready to stop thinking.

I know I set myself up with that one. Soft pitch right over the plate.

The system is working. I get my personal errands done, the household to-dos, things for my kids, plus regular progress forward on my business.

I even learned on Thursday that, when a huge snowfall hits Texas in March and my kids get out of school early, I can improvise with my schedule and enjoy playing in the snow for a while and take care of my list later. Since I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish that day that still wasn’t done, it was easy for me to see how to reschedule and choose a couple of small things to bump until Friday or the next week.

I hope you’re making steps forward in finding and starting a career that speaks to your gifts, passions, talents, and values. Let me know how it’s going.

May You Know the Joy of Sharing Your Gifts,

Steve Coxsey


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