Resistance Whisperer 03-12-10

March 12, 2010

Barbara Sher is well-known for books like Wishcraft, Live The Life You Love, and Refuse To Choose. She has been working with people for decades on uncovering their natural gifts and expressing them, primarily through self-directed careers.

She’s written and spoken extensively on resistance as a natural response meant to protect people from change. She tells us resistance is a primitive sort of fear so it can’t tell healthy change from destructive change. It just resists all change.

Barbara knows what to do with resistance. She gives it a voice, invites it to the dance, and then watches it deflate when it’s brought into the light. She’s worked directly with people who struggle with resistance. She knows her stuff. She’s right.

Recently she wrote a blog post explaining why she disagrees with Seth Godin on resistance. Seth’s post is here.

Barbara’s much more helpful and on-target response is here.

She made a similar point on the same topic regarding a review of Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art. She posted her response to the review on her blog.You can find her comments at this link

Edited for spelling errors 03/23/2010. Blushing!


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