Particle Physics Humor

September 9, 2010

From a wonderful thread on a friend’s Facebook page. Enjoy!

Two atoms are walking down the street one day, and one of them says to the other:
“Hey, wait up a second. I think I lost an electron.”
The first atom replies, “Are you sure?”
The second atom exclaims…

“Yes, I’m positive!”

A proton, neutron, and electron went out to dinner one night. After a luxurious meal, the waiter brought the check to the proton and the electron. The neutron was perplexed as to why the waiter didn’t bring him his check. So, he summoned the waiter to the table and asked him about it.

The waiter explained to the neutron, “For you, there’s no charge!”

A neutrino walks into a bar. The bartender yells, “We’re closed!” The neutrino says, “Sorry, just passing through!”

Anyone have more? Please post in the comments.


2 Responses to “Particle Physics Humor”

  1. Bethal Bird on September 9th, 2010 10:59 am

    Here are some more posted today, Steve!

    Q: Why do chemists like nitrates so much?
    A: They’re cheaper than day rates.
    (only in Chemistry, though!!)
    Entropy isn’t what it used to be!
    Does a radioactive cat have 18 half-lives?
    There was an old lady called Wright
    who could travel much faster than light.
    She departed one day
    in a relative way
    and returned on the previous night
    More as they come in =).
    What fun!

  2. Steve Coxsey on September 9th, 2010 10:11 pm

    Almost as good as engineering humor! Keep ’em coming.

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