Open a Window!

February 26, 2010

I have been posting comments to a few blogs in the last few days as I catch up on the backlog of blogs (backblog?) I missed from mid-December through mid-January or later. I read the latest and the oldest on my list each time I read and slowly I’m getting back to only having a few old posts left.

That’s mainly because I’m completely skipping the missed posts on a lot of blogs in my subscription list. I’m only diligently reading every single post on three of them and scanning a few others.

Which gets to the purpose of this post. It’s pretty much just a placeholder because when I comment on a blog it shows my last blog post.

That old post is more stale than the flour tortillas we threw out last week. It’s more stale than the half loaf of Italian bread I threw out the week before. It had mold on it.

I think that old post has a little mold on it, too.

More posts are coming, but not ready yet. I’d rather have people see this easily forgettable but recent post than the old stale moldy thing.

Did anyone see the “Kids in the Hall” episode decades ago with the phrase in my title? It’s a twisted skit with a bizarre place in my personal archives.


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