January 11, 2008

The checks I write for bills this month will have my new business name. Hurray?

Opening the account meant, of course, that I ordered checks. They came in. Everything on the other business account has cleared, so I can close it down and transfer the balance to the new account.

There’s this strange angel and devil on my shoulder thing going on. Except neither is an angel nor devil. They’re both annoying teenagers, I think, maybe junior high age.

One says, “Big deal. Same business, new name. That’s exciting? Woo hoo….”

The other one says, “Wow! That’s cool! Your brand new business! What are you gonna’ do with it?”

It is exciting, but not transformative. The business name keeps me focused on what I want my work to be about, so having the name in front of me keeps that idea in my mind more often.

Also, no explanations are necessary. I don’t have to say, “That’s a business name from before when I co-owned a child care center, then used the corporation for a couple of ‘business in a box’ ideas that didn’t work, then kind of used it when I was training to be a marketing and small business consultant.”

I just say, “My business is Discovery Lookout. It’s about helping people and businesses get new perspectives and new ideas so they can change and grow and accomplish big goals.”

Confirmation of the importance of the new start came by serendipity. When serendipity speaks, I like to listen. My web guy found a new color scheme based on what I told him and finished formatting my new copy. He sent me an e-mail earlier this week that the site was updated. Check it out.

Last week I noticed things were moving forward without much immediate effort by me because of planning and work I did in the past. This week, things became even more real. I’m not “thinking about” or “planning” or “ready to launch” a new business name or coaching web site. It’s done. I jumped. Actually, I planned the jump and put things in motion weeks ago, and suddenly this week I was flying off that cliff thinking, “Am I sure this is how I wanted to do it?”

Too late! Twisting roads mean you drive on and see what’s around the corner. It’s kind of the theme Michael Masterson keeps referring to when he talks about his upcoming book Ready, Fire, Aim. (I really need to get an affiliate link for that book, once I read it.)

It’s the power and clarity that doing brings to planning and imagining. I feel the power. I’m looking forward to the clarity.

Just after Iraq invaded Kuwait, the press asked then-President George H W Bush, “What are you going to do about this?” It was an impromptu press conference on a golf course, so he didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, and I laughed at his answer. “We’ll just see what I do.”

Now I get it. I have the general ideas and some principles and guidelines, but I don’t know step by step where this will lead me. We’ll just see what I do.

May You Know the Joy of Sharing Your Gifts,

Steve Coxsey


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