Ken’s Mild Things 10-23-09

October 23, 2009

Ken is a writer. He doesn’t always know that. He says he wants to be a writer, and that he is establishing the habits of a writer by writing or at least doing something creative every day. But I have no doubt. Ken is a writer. Read this snippet and see that I’m right. While you’re at his Ken and Paper blog, leave him a comment.

Then click over to Mildly Creative and see how diverse Ken is as a writer. In addition to having a gift for storytelling and poetry (also to be found at Ken and Paper), he is compiling a book to serve as a guide to people wanting to express their creativity. In the style of his open-to-the-public working studio, he is posting sections as he completes them. It’s part of his process of evaluating his writing and deciding how to polish it. Start here with the first section and then follow the links at the end to the next one.


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