Ken’s Mild Things 09-27-09

September 27, 2009

Ken Robert just returned from a vacation and he has a unique way of sharing pictures from his travels. The post is worth reading just to get to savor the poetic wit of the phrase he coins in the opening paragraph.

Apparently, being up in the mountains, he had one or a few of those mountaintop experiences and returned to the valley a little lost. I know it’s a common occurrence, but I have to say I’m grateful that I’m hearing other people talk about it lately, because it seems like I have a homestead in the “lost forest.” Read how Ken got his groove back, a straightforward model for all of us who want to move from rut to groove.

And as enjoyable as it is to read Ken’s Mildly Creative site, I was thrilled to read that he is going to post poems and sketches and other creative endeavors on his Ken and Paper blog once again. Mildly Creative was actually born there, as he developed and applied and learned about the value of doing something creative daily. Now he realizes there will be some creative overflow that doesn’t fit the focus of Mildly Creative.

Announcing the revival, he wrote, “Besides, I think everyone needs some place to go where they have no agenda, somewhere they can play and explore and simply be. This is my place.” Sounds like a play lab to me! Read his latest poem here and let him know what you think.


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