Godin 2009-10-12

October 12, 2009

How does serendipity work again? Am I thinking about something, and that resonates unconsciously with someone else, who is drawn to say or do something related to it? Or is that other person pondering and doing, and I unconsciously pick that up and start wondering?

Seth Godin writes a lot of blog posts, and often I read and think, “That makes sense and I see who the target audience is… but it’s not me.” But once in a while I read a post of his and think, “How did he know?”

I have conversations with people transitioning to self-employment, trying to design a small business or grow one from a tiny seed to a productive tree. Lately the questions and concerns have focused on risk. People want to know, What are the real risks of starting a small business and pursuing self-employment? That’s a great question, but the equally important question is, What are the risks of not doing it?”

Seth amplifies the difference in Apparent risk and actual risk.


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