Godin 09-25-09

September 25, 2009

When I consult with people on steps to transition to self-employment and grow a small business, inevitably we hit some roadblocks when we discuss marketing. Even though I start with a simple, basic overview and the easiest, least expensive things to do, a lot of people get overwhelmed by all they have to consider and learn. I feel like the Grinch, stealing their Christmas. But after reading Seth Godin’s “overview” of questions to ask about your website, I can see that he’s the real Grinch! I’ve been a puppy dog Santa compared to him. But he’s successful because he knows the right questions, like Things to ask before you redo your website.

Sometimes the only thing to move more slowly than a corporation is a non-profit corporation. “When was the last time you had an interaction with a non-profit (there’s that word again) that blew you away? …if you don’t have a ton of volunteers happy to help you, then you’re not working on something important enough.” Seth challenges that head-on in The problem with non.

New media opened the doors for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs to get in the conversation with lots of prospects for a very low cost. Seth Godin sees this is part of a paradigm shift where marketers will build their own platforms instead of using those of the entertainment media.
The platform vs. the eyballs


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