Finally – A Niche!

March 14, 2008

I write a blog about my transition to a career where I can use my gifts, talents, and passions, bring more enjoyment and fulfillment to my life, and be a solo entrepreneur – a solopreneur. That’s this blog, of course.

I write another blog about conversational and comfortable approaches to marketing a personal service business.

I deeply enjoy participating in a creative career change forum through Fast Track Your Dream.

I participate in a Parenting Coaches’ group and find the most energizing and interesting part to be when we discuss marketing and help members come up with ways to get their message to clients, or think about ways to tell more people about the Parenting Coaches’ group blog.

And still I was thinking that working with people who are trying to discover their calling to create work they love was just one of many areas I should be developing as I build my business.

When I named my business Discovery Lookout I followed Barbara Winter’s advice. I chose a name that will encompass related interests, all of them connected through the idea of mentorship on personal growth and development. But I got into the trap of thinking I should take everything that interests me about personal growth and development and pile it into my business right now.

I enjoy working with people who are dedicated to learning better ways to relate to children, but frankly I don’t know that coaching parents will express that. It seems hard to find people who are doing a good job but really want to become masterful as parents. Mostly people seek help in crisis situations so it’s more like therapy and parent consultation on behavior management techniques (Y-A-A-A-W-N-N-N). Right now I express those goals through my volunteer work.

I enjoy working with teachers and childcare professionals on better approaches to working with children. It will stay on my list, but it’s not a priority for now.

I get excited about working with people who want to become better leaders by encouraging and supporting the people they lead. I think mentorship is a wonderful model for that. That will be put off for me to develop in the future, probably as training and consultation.

I enjoy working with groups to foster a spirit of community, connection, and cooperation. I can develop training, guided exercises, and follow-up with brief coaching. But it’s not the right place for me to start.

All these things fit into the second tier of my mission. That second part is to spread a vision of mentorship so more people will invest their time and energy into the growth and development of others. My mission starts with me promoting growth and development through mentorship.

I’m starting my business where my mission starts. I will focus on helping people uncover their gifts, talents, and passions, rediscover their dreams, design a life plan that includes joyful and meaningful work, and transition to that life.

I’ll support people as they start small businesses and become solopreneurs, and I’ll help small business owners and solopreneurs move their businesses to the next level. Other stuff I can add later. I’m going to start where my passion is pulling me.

May You Know the Joy of Sharing Your Gifts,

Steve Coxsey


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