New to Marketing?

Wondering Where to Start?

All businesses rely on marketing to connect with customers who need what they’re selling. When those customer hear about you, you’re successful. If they don’t, you’re not. Marketing isn’t optional. It’s essential.

But if you’re like most people starting out self-employed, especially if you’re starting something on the side, you have a tight budget. You don’t have extra money lying around that you can pour into your new business.

You don’t have a big marketing budget for your small business or business idea. You can’t hire a marketing firm or pay for the services of a marketing consultant.

You need to pinch every penny while you build your revenue stream. But it’s impossible to build your revenue stream without marketing.

You need low-cost and no-cost marketing options.

You need Do-It-Yourself Marketing Tips

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This sampler e-book is my gift to you.

It contains 4 of the several dozen articles found in the full e-book:

“Put The Hurdle On The Ground” from Section 1: What Is Marketing?

“Expert At What?” from Section 2: It’s All In Your Head

“Lost in the Lights” from Section 3: Marketers In The Wild

“Who’s Writing Your Testimonials?” from Section 4: Shoestring Budget Tactics

These 4 articles will show you that you can market naturally and comfortably. The ideas are practical and doable. And you don’t have to do anything unpleasant or distasteful. You can honor your values. In fact, one of the keys to successful marketing for a small business owner is to be genuine, authentic, and truthful.

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