A collaborative partnership guiding evaluation and strategic planning

Thriving Edge provides assessment and evaluation and creates action plans for positive change for individuals, families, and the workplace.

Evaluations Available

VIA: Values in Action is an assessment of Positive Psychology Character Strengths. These are twenty-four capacities that have been demonstrated through rigorous research to be correlated to success, motivation, perseverance in adversity, and an overall sense of purpose and well-being. Leveraging one’s strengths creates much more successful action. Knowing the strengths of others bridges differences and creates synergy in collaborations and partnerships.

SEIP: The Social+Emotional Intelligence Profile measures twenty-six distinct competencies of agility managing emotions, relationships, and conflicts, including being a positive influence on others. Knowing your own profile helps you prepare to use your Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI) in a variety of situations and can be used to design a plan to develop specific competencies for greater SEI. This is valuable for interactions in personal life or in the workplace.

Examples of Action Plans

For Individuals

Personal Development:

Honoring Personal Strengths, Values, Beliefs, and Priorities

Career Development:

Choosing a New Career Path

Getting Training or Education Towards a New Career

Job Search Strategies and Interview Preparation

Health and Wellness:

Healthy Habits with Food, Activity, Sleep, and Restoration

Healthy Habits to Maintain Mental Focus and Agility

For Families

Family Culture Built on Parenting Philosophy and Family Values

For Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed

Designing Work Intentionally as Part of a Meaningful Life

Business Start-Up Steps for Solo Entrepreneurs

Maintaining Focus, Balancing Competing Priorities, and Handling Unplanned Disruptions

Managing Relationships with Clients and Employees

For Teams and Organizations

Team Engagement Techniques for Working Collaboratively and Navigating Conflict Effectively

Vision and Strategic Planning: Purpose, Mission, and Implementation

The Distinctions Between Coaching, Training, and Consulting

A Coach brings training on guiding meaningful conversations and experience with inner processes to help a client gain clarity with goal direction, motivation, and successful action plans.

A Trainer shares ideas in a way that makes it easy to learn information, applications, and processes.

A Consultant brings experience, expertise, and specific training to the table to offer information and evaluation and suggest solutions and strategies.