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The reason I wrote this workbook is to show you ways you can empower yourself to take charge of your life, develop your potential, and become more capable, agile, and resilient so you can enjoy greater success and fulfillment. That’s my main mission, so I will also send you occasional messages through my e-newsletter, Thriving Edge News. Not too many. Just once a month or so. I promise.

The theme of Thriving Edge News is Whole Life Leadership, being empowered as the author and director of your life and knowing how to integrate and align different parts of your life. I want to help you break free from other people’s stifling boxes and cubicles. I want to show you how to clear away the limiting beliefs and groupthink that are keeping you from becoming the person you were born to be. I want to help you reconnect with the core of who you really are, your individual collection of gifts and talents, your natural way of being, and your deep values.

When you explore your gifts and talents and develop them, you tend to design your life and work around them. You get excited to take charge of your own productivity and creativity.

I want you to be able to explore all kinds of possibilities in your life and work. I want you to have the flexibility, the adaptability, the resiliency, and the creative problem-solving skills to head into new territories with confidence and enthusiastic expectation. If the life you design for yourself includes things no one around you has experience doing, I want you to have the confidence to head off the beaten path and stay nimble in your explorations.

Let’s do that together.