A dynamic partnership focused on your goals and your development

Coaching has clear principles, skills, and guidelines under the direction of the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

The Thriving Edge model of coaching is a collaborative partnership for strategic planning and development planning. A coach is not an outside expert who tells you how to reach your goals. A coach is an expert in helping you clear away mental static, cut through to what matters most, set meaningful goals, and break them into achievable actions steps. A coach helps you identify and develop your strengths and recognize and honor your values and principles.

At Thriving Edge, the initial consultation is complimentary. During your first meeting or call with Steve Coxsey, MA, Professional Certified Coach, you and Steve will discuss your goals and what it will mean to you to achieve them. Steve will show you coaching strategies to help you reach your goals. The purpose of the initial consultation is for you and Steve to decide together if you are a good fit as coach and client.

You can schedule a complimentary consultation online at If you have questions or prefer to contact Steve by phone or email, you can click here to contact him.

The fee for a regular individual coaching session, lasting about 45 minutes, is $150. The fee for a brief individual coaching session, lasting about 30 minutes, is $100. There are discounts for multiple sessions in one month, and there are discounts for multi-month programs. Clients in an ongoing coaching relationship are provided with email support between calls.

If you have not worked with an ICF certified coach before, the following description of the relationship and its benefits will be helpful.

A coaching relationship is co-active, meaning the coach and client work together as thought partners to generate ideas and make discoveries that neither could accomplish alone. It is co-created, meaning coach and client design the relationship together to bring maximum benefit to the client.

A coach is an ally of the client’s goals for development and success. When the client is frustrated or having doubts, the coach is an advocate calling on the client’s strengths and challenging the client’s limiting beliefs and automatic critical thoughts.

The coach is a mirror that helps the client see blind spots and shows the client different perspectives. The coach is an historian of accomplishments to be able to remind and encourage the client when the path is difficult. When the client is bogged down and stressed, the coach is a champion for the client’s values, principles, and vision to keep the client on track.

The Distinctions Between Coaching, Training, and Consulting

A Coach has training on guiding meaningful conversations and knowledge of inner processes to help a client gain clarity with goal direction, motivation, and successful action plans.

A Trainer shares ideas in a way that makes it easy to learn information, applications, and processes.

A Consultant brings experience, expertise, and specific training to the table to offer information and evaluation and suggest solutions and strategies.