Video Art: Civilization

July 9, 2010

Click the pic to see an amazing piece of video art.

Many thanks to my uber-cool friend Don Whittington for posting a link to this movie on Facebook. You can find information on video artist Marco Brambilla and his art at this link.

Pucker Up!

March 30, 2010

Thanks, Dr. Judy, for pointing us to this video.

Be sure to strap your a$$ on pretty good, because you might laugh it off otherwise.

In Your Spare Time…

March 6, 2010

I got the link to this video from my friend andsmall business coach Janet Slack. She posted it on Facebook.

It shows an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine, one of those things where a single action sets in motion the next action and so on, and they involve levers and rolling balls and often dominoes. This one is spectacularly choreographed so it’s a blast as a piece of staging, as an artistic composition, and as a little piece of film.

Demonstrates how massive projects can be broken down to one step at a time, because that’s how the machine progresses. Shows the focus of purpose and intention and the creative power of playfulness. Enjoy!

Pocket Ninjas!

January 22, 2010

This preview transports me to a place I can’t identify and don’t think I would ever intentionally go, but somehow once I’m there…

Immerse Yourself

September 17, 2009

Feel Some Joy

August 1, 2009

(My) Life Imitates Film

August 1, 2009

Just remembered to repost this now that this new home for Steve’s Not Nice is kind-of sort-of unpacked.

For many years, I think, Pedro Almodovar was directing my life. That’s when I would see things like an old minivan full of clowns driving down the street. Clowns in full makeup and costume, not just goofy people. It was weird, but it was quirky. My life had these bizarre but whimsical moments.

I still have bizarre moments, but they’re less whimsical. For a while I thought maybe Guillermo del Toro had taken over the role of director. I was even more certain when I saw Pan’s Labyrinth.

But that was before I learned about Chris Rentzel, director of The Many Strange Stories of Triangle Woman. I’ve just seen the trailer and a description, but I’m pretty sure he’s directed a vignette or two of my life lately!