Viaggio con Barbara 09-29-09

September 29, 2009

Traveling with Barbara Winter seems to be a lot more positive experience than traveling with me. I am known by a couple of people for the surprising number of clowns driving around in old minivans – full makeup and costume – I seem to attract, as well as odd people overly eager to tell their strange tales. Barbara seems to be able to attract wonderful encounters with interesting, caring people, even while flying. Read a couple of happy travel experiences here.

I bet I’m not the only person who has procrastinated and come closing to missing out on Barbara Winter’s very special offer of free shipping on orders for the revised and updated edition of her book Making A Living Without A Job. I just recently place my order for a couple of copies, and I plan to buy one the next time I visit the Barnes & Noble library.

Order directly from Barbara by October 1st and shipping is free. Buy an extra copy or two because you’re going to want to give one as a gift, and then you’ll loan one out and forget who has it and need another copy.

Order your copies by clicking here.


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