AWAI Online 11-03-09

November 3, 2009

Serendipity again! This time the person pointing me to the exact information I need is, most appropriately, Barbara Winter, the Joyfully Jobless Muse.

I am presenting a series of three calls for the Outside the Job Box Career Experts Program on amplifying and honing your Vision for your business, identifying the Goals that take you to fulfilling your Vision, and breaking Goals into Next Steps with Accountability. I spent the time at my son’s soccer practice last night thinking about how to help the consultants stay focused on the core of their business design and their priorities for being self-employed.

This new framework I’m developing started a month or so ago. I was trying out new tag lines for my coaching business and kept coming back to the metaphor of a journey and the importance of the compass.

Barbara Winter posted a chirp (or is it twirp?) on Twitter today with a link to a great blog post on AWAI Online from June. The post is ”Make Your Business Your Compass” by Isabel Viana.

Thanks, Barbara. Now I have another great resource to share with the consultants, and with anyone who pulls over for a rest stop here On The Twisting Road.


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