Special Offer for Clients

Who Help With Certification

When I began coaching I had not decided to pursue certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF) so I did not ask permission to keep track of coaching hours with all my clients. Now that I have decided to continue with advanced classes and to follow the certification path, I need to track coaching hours with clients who are willing to have me report them with my application. The clients’ names and hours of coaching received are reported, but the content of the coaching sessions remains confidential.

In order to accrue these hours quickly, I am offering a special rate to clients who are willing to allow me to track and report the time we work together. My full rate for monthly coaching with four laser (30-minute) sessions is $300 per month. Clients who allow me to keep track of our coaching time and report it with my certification application can purchase this program for $150 per month – half price!

While I am in a master class that includes individual supervision, I also need a couple more people willing to allow me to record our coaching sessions for review by my supervisor. I will discount my rate even further if you are able to do this.

If you are interested or have questions about this offer please click here to contact me .