About Steve

Hello. I’m Steve Coxsey. I help you grow your ideas into a strong vision and then make that vision real. I also help you cultivate the qualities of leadership so you can communicate your vision to other people to get them on board, and then plan, organize, and direct the resources you need to make things happen.

My goal is to help people have fuller, more meaningful lives by directing their own paths. I encourage people to take charge by knowing themselves better so they can see their strengths and abilities. I believe all of us own our creativity and productivity and should decide what we do with them. I believe that true happiness and purpose are found when we use our creativity and productivity to express our natural gifts, talents, and passions in a way that honors our values. This is authentic living, living in alignment with the core of who you are. Authentic living leads to authentic work, authentic relationships, and real fulfillment.

To promote authentic living, I coach and mentor people on self-directed careers, self-employment, and small business ownership using a Life and Work Design model. I also teach a Mentorship Approach to Leadership. To me, mentorship is about actively promoting the development of another person. I keep this in mind when I am coaching, training, or consulting. When I write I do so as a mentor, trying to offer stories and perspectives that help people learn about themselves so they see what they can change to improve their lives.

I promote what I call the Trailblazing way of life. Unlike the ‘rate race’ or the ‘fast track,’ the Trailblazing way is a life of self-exploration, self-discovery, and integration. It is a life of learning and experimenting and playing – embracing challenges and taking calculated risks, being flexible and adapting as you go. It is a life of ongoing growth and development. I encourage people to expand their awareness and pay attention to their hearts so they can discover their natural gifts and talents and recognize their natural way of being.

Basically, I’m a people cultivator. I was trained in psychology and counseling and spent several years working as a therapist. I transitioned to being a business co-owner, overseeing the daily operations of a preschool and child care center for ten years. After our family sold the center, I re-established my therapy practice. But I realized I want to use my background in human development in a different way. I want to work with people who are ready to grow, stretch their wings, and realize more of their potential.

I draw on my education in psychology and human development, my experiences as a business owner, and my personal history while I seek new ideas and new perspectives to share with others. My training in professional coaching was through MentorCoach, accredited by the International Coach Federation. I am also certified as a Profiting From Your Passions™ creative career and small business coach.

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